Time has flown, ticking bombs still blown

My addictions nothing but grown; carved deep into bone.

I myself project the opponent,  indeed ever so chosen.

” It” was to be fought; I hid in fear of being shot.

Written wars fingers as canons, the very body as the maintaining


I kneeled in defeat imploring to be healed, yet ever so in greed I was

never then granted my shield.




“ battle of one | the engraving. “

  1. 07. 15

I’ve been hiding behind an empty face pondering upon my very self “ this is nothing but a phase,” yet as hours crash into days I am brought well aware this

is in fact a craze.

Thou is embedded with sentiment of her own, I was to have confronted her then, today she has grown.

Gun to my head as I shed on instead; entrust me I have nothing but tried in return I bled and pled.

Today, I am fighting for peace; forevermore it is the bringing up of a broken piece and I am hopeful that one day if not today I will be released.

holy month.


Today, it is less likely of me to stumble down some poetry for today we have much more

to put into words. It is the holy month of Ramadan, and I greet you all a blessed one.

As is, we are aware this particular month is dedicated to us Muslims to keep one from drinking, eating,

and simple sinning one could possibly compel away from. Hopefully, you have your eyes set on

what you want to achieve or even preach and by God’s will you will succeed.

I strongly believe and walk along hand in hand that one who is striving for change shalln’t be called

after as to be a ” hypocrite”, we Muslims know better that Ramadan is valuable as for that.

It is the positive changes one can make/spread; instead tilt your head up high, and support them.

Have a great Ramadan, hopefully all your fasts and prayers will be valued and accepted.

the fall. ( motivational )

pulling down my petite hands, fingers of other kind gently free- falling

as they hook on my porcelain oval finger tips; it is Earth dragging me

along again.

shall it be of gain?

the melodic breeze hopping along around me engaging in vain,

mirroring the abstract chain.

I fall scrapping my knees on the paved way fractured in pain.

flowers bloom with concrete fractures, and damaged fragments make up the

most intricate mosaics,

– calls out it.

stand tall, don’t fear the fall, you are indeed worth it all.


burnt and shattered.

without you, I am  no longer myself

I am now as empty as that shelve

I am aseated,pondering, wondering maybe even muttering

” will we, my love, ever redeem ourselves?

there there, I must’nt go astray

the farther thee departs, the more insane.

I love you so much, but even that I couldn’t possibly explain.

we burned our love to the ground, but in the ashes

she was found.


” Slit your skin, you are beautiful only from within.”